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When it all began! (The plein-air that is)

This seemed a timely story as my boy and I are currently on our spring break.

Spring breaks for my family have usually consisted of the typical Stay-cation. We enjoy the down time at home and try to do little day activities that we wouldn’t otherwise have the time to spend on.

One year when when I was trying to do something new and fun to get us outside I got our gear all packed up and I dragged my son out to the Sacandaga Lake beach area and

we did our first dual Plein Air paintings together.

We had a blast even with the wind and all those first time challenges you run into as a Plein Air artist... like keeping your art easel from blowing over, or your paint brush from falling into the sand, or painting quick enough before the light changes. All in all it was a grand time and we have finished paintings to remember that time together.

From there I was hooked and from time to time over Easter we would do another Plein Air painting, sometimes even in our own backyard. I of course was reminded of this because of Facebooks wonderful “On this day last year” section... or I’d have completely forgotten we did these things.

Nowadays the Plein Air adventures are becoming more of a passion for myself and single outings of my own pursuit. I am ready for this next adventure as my boy is also ready for his own adventure. A lot of my artwork these days is made as I sit and wait for his many wrestling or Jiu Jitsu practices or tournaments but I am looking forward to some free time this spring break to get out and make some trips to the Adirondacks and feed my hunger for those Plein Air paintings.

I still have many

many things to figure out as a Plein Air painter...

for example the best tools to take, just the right amount of hike to still give me enough energy and time to complete the painting and how to deal with unexpected weather issues. Complete with challenges of April rains and winds this proves to be a fun week to be out finding those beautiful moments in the Adirondacks. I have at least 3 possible sites in mind, so stay tuned folks. Some of those adventures will be appearing on my Facebook or Instagram pages. My hope is to also include some videos.

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