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Wait for that right View!

Hmmmm, I should have checked to see if they were open.

This morning I was ready! I had my plan. Everything was packed up, coffee was in my Adk Mtn Club to go mug, I mapped out my trip and I was on my way. The only problem was when I arrived at the entrance of the Nature Stone Park in Pottersville, NY, I realized I forgot one crucial thing. Hmmmm, I should have checked to see if they were open. I don't typically go to what I call your parking lot touristy spots for my hikes or my plein air paintings. However, I'm trying to get better at the painting and planning part, and it seemed easier to work out some of the painting kinks if I was at least somewhat close to little bits of civilization and oh yah, my car. Well, note to self, be sure to see if the park is even open.

I realized this at approximately 7:30am and my goal was to start painting by 8:00 so I made a quick decision and u-turned right out of there. I thought, hmmm, Schroon Lake is near by, I should be able to find a good view to paint there. So I headed up Route 9, keeping a sharp eye out for those public hiking trails or nature sites that are often marked by those brown signs with the yellow writing. I found two state camps sites, but they were both closed. I managed to drive through Eagle Campsite, but I just couldn't find a view of the lake that had the right colors or really spoke to me. If it doesn't speak to you, I mean why even bother.

If it doesn't speak to you, I mean why even bother.

So on I drove, listening to an old podcast called Plein Air Art Podcast put on by Eric Rhoads. I was really getting in the mood for this and learning some new viewpoints on how to approach my outside painting adventures.

Finally I came to the little town of Schroon Lake itself and settled on their little park area which was near their boat-loading dock. I think I walked around it for about 15 minutes, considering all the angles, the interesting trees and the hues that were presenting themselves that morning.

In the end, I decided I loved the little golden tree that was sitting on a point in contrast to all the dark blues and greens and soft grays that surrounded it in the landscape. This golden hue was also perfectly highlighted in the baby blossom buds that were speckled across the branches overhead close to where I was sitting. This was it!

This was it!

The right combination of colors and the right layout for the composition. I had my view and I was ready to set-up and start my painting.

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