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The story behind the painting

Our Moment on Raquette River

My 13 year old son and I

planned a kayaking adventure up in the northern Adirondacks. This particular summer we were all about exploring the waterfalls. So far we had hiked to Auger Falls and the OK Slip falls which were beautiful and awesome adventures in their own right, but we were up for a water adventure since we had gotten the kayaks the year before. After lots of researching on maps and trail apps, and also asking friends for recommendations we settled on Rainbow Falls via Raquette River and made a day of it.

We were up bright and early with the SUV all packed up the night before and the two kayaks hanging out of my latch-back window we started our 3 hour drive up to our destination. Content with our morning 80’s rock radio tunes and Stewarts’ coffees and breakfast sandwiches… by the way if you aren’t from this region, Stewarts is a morning must have when you start any type of road trip.

When we arrived and first put our kayaks in the water it was a nice clear crisp summer morning. We figured it would be an easy trip…

“6 miles upstream and 6 miles back… LOL. Yah right! ”

What were we thinking… okay, really I mean me, because my son had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever and was often looking back at me and saying, “Come on Mom! Hurry Up!” I figured it would be fine. We’d get there about 2pmish and look around and have an easy kayaking trip back since it would be with the current on the way home. I forgot one, okay maybe two crucial things… first we didn’t bring any headlamps or flashlights and secondly, this was our first kayaking trip of the season and I definitely bit off way more than I could chew for one day. So for about half the day we went along and we did have a wonderful time on the river looking the beauty of nature around us with beaver dams, wild life paw prints on the shore and other canoers and kayakers on the way. We even stopped for a nice fun rest at the spot you see in my painting above and enjoyed being in the shade and having a short swim in the water to cool off. However, it was at about 2pm that I realized we were probably not going to reach the waterfalls that day. I had paid attention to our mileage and our time to help gauge how far we had left to go. So unfortunately for us when we reached mile 5 of our trip up stream, I had to make the command decision to turn back. There was just no way, in good conscience, I could keep going since we didn’t have headlamps or gear to stay overnight and I also knew I was hurting in my arms.

"Can we say JELLY-ARMS."

So just 1 mile from our destination, we turned around and headed back. Ugh! My son didn't like it, but Safety always comes first. Our timing was pretty good. We got back just at dusk. Still enough light to see silhouettes and find where we needed to be. This will forever be the fun trip where we didn’t quite get where we were going but had a great time anyway and fun story to go with it. Let’s just say our first stop on the way home was Stewarts, but it was for the Ibprofen for my arms so I could manage the 3 hour trip home.

hope you enjoyed this story... chime in and let me know what part you liked best.

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