Art Statement

Nature:  Purple gray clouds churning over a vast mountain range. Golden orange light streaming over mountain horizons or sifting through branches until it glistens across the surface of the river.  Fire-lit leaves form patterns on the trail. Balsam and Frasers are nuanced with a thousand shades of green as the sun strikes and light glistens white.  Deepest shadows are raven black with reds of burgundy and blues of violet. 


In my studio I recall these colors, forms, sense of space and movement. I remember the scent of soil after a fresh rain and songs of birds, water rushing over rocks, settling into a burbling trickle.  My paintings are captured memories with paint and brush.   These memories become visible as I paint, beginning with oily mid-tones and translucent hues, adding layers, making marks, remembering color. The result is an intuitive personal reflection; an attempt to demonstrate my awe of nature. 


Success is measured in each finished painting when upon viewing the work, I feel the experience of that moment in nature again.  Each painting conveys I was there to witness that fleeting divine moment of perfection in the ever-changing turbulence of our natural world.