Come Join Me

 in my adventures in painting as I explore the serenity of the Adirondacks!

I am an Adirondack Artist who is into adventure and exploring nature, the world and knowing thyself. 

Working with watercolors and oil paintings are my love and I try to set aside a couple of hours every day to work on them. 

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My subject is usually nature. I love to create an image that invokes a feeling, a moment or a story.  Sometimes the inspiration is the way the light hits a path, streams through a tree or glistens on the waters surface, giving the illusion of something ethereal or glowing. I'm drawn to scenes that bring out the deep rich colors that are vibrant and multi-layered. I create a feeling of translucency and blending in my paintings so that often you cannot tell where one color stops and the other begins.

When a cosmic moment decides to show its beauty to me, I like instill that

feeling of peace and serenity that I see in those moments in nature in

my artwork and share it with others.

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