Come Join Me

 in my adventures in painting as I explore the serenity of the Adirondacks!

An Adirondack Artist who is inspired by adventure and immersion in nature.


    Cathryn has worked as an arts educator for 13 years.  For 25 years she has developed as a painter and ceramicist. She is a member of Saratoga Arts and NYSATA, actively exploring and supporting the broader arts community in Saratoga County and the Greater Capital Region.


    Cathryns' personal art focuses primarily on nature and demonstrates her love of the Adirondacks. She endeavors to create images that invoke a feeling, capture a moment, or tell a story.  


Purple gray clouds churning in the skies moving over a vast mountain range. The richest of color, orangish gold light streaming over the undulating lines of the mountain horizons or sifting through the branches til it finds its way to glisten across the moving surface of the river.  Brilliant cadmium yellow and orange leaves form patterns on the trail. Balsam and Frasier trees appear green with a thousand nuanced shades of green as the sun strikes foliage and light glistens white.  Deepest shadows are a dark raven black with hints of burgundy reds and violet blues. 


In my studio I recall these colors, forms, sense of space and movement. I remember smells of soil just after a fresh rain and sounds of the birds chirping, water rushing over rocks or settling into a burbling trickle into a small tributary as I capture the memory with paint and brush strokes. I begin with oily midtones and translucent hues then add layers, thick and painterly, making marks of color, each one informing the next. The end result is only a partially preconceived outcome, with the general awe of nature deciding its culmination. 


The ultimate goal of each finished painting happens when I can think to myself, I was there in that moment to witness its swiftly fleeting divine moment of perfection in the ever changing turbulence of our natural world.